Thursday, June 12, 2014

About Young Blood Old Soul

My name is Nicole Mikkelsen. I'm a twenty-something lady living and loving in Grand Rapids, Michigan and running a small business called Young Blood Old Soul where I sell vintage clothing and handmade items. I also nanny regularly for some children in my neighborhood, so you may find me sharing a few pictures of cute children, but they are not my own. I have two cats named Novia and Chicken Little. 

YOUNG BLOOD OLD SOUL is my brand, and it includes anything I create and the collections I curate and sell. I have an Etsy Shop which began as a place to sell vintage clothing and has grown to include handmade items. This blog is one place that I share my inspirations and projects. I like to write about projects I'm working on, places I've been and places I'd like to go, music I'm into, books I'm reading, my friends and their projects, food I like, and various bits of inspiration I find around me and online.

Thank you for reading!

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